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The Carolina's premier fireworks display company with 35 + years experience in the pyrotechnic arts.

We are building a fun, friendly, and safe place to enjoy this unique hobby. RC Wingers is a very social club.


COBRA Firing Systems was founded in August, 2009 by Scott Smith, an electrical / computer systems engineer and pyro enthusiast.


American Wholesale Fireworks' mission is to bring wholesale fireworks to the masses at the lowest pricing.

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Come discover the largest selection of fireworks in the Susquehanna Valley!
That latest, loudest, brightest fireworks are
waiting for you.

IPC's motto of "Make your next event an experience" will continue to be the goal we set for each and every production.


Our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind customer service to back the quality products and information we offer.

Since 1998, Kneppy’s Fireworks has provided top quality products at consumer friendly prices. 


At H3 FireWorks, we want to share our passion of FireWorks with you. High quality products and entertainment for everyone. From H3Fireworks to Private Label to Warehouse Space! We provide friendly customer service in the USA!


All these years we have been doing one thing, offer the best fireworks products and service to our customers. And we will keep it going as our principle focus.


My name is Devin, and I am the owner of Deep South Fireworks. I started this company due to having an extreme passion for fireworks. After leaving the military I wanted to do something I truly love. As I thought about what I loved fireworks kept coming to mind.


NC Fireworks LLC


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