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  • Opportunities to learn from and work with some of the best show designers and choreographers on the East Coast

  • The open shooting of Class B/1.3G & C/1.4G fireworks

  • Access to PGI Operators safety training classes

  • Supercharge your backyard displays!

  • Vendor discounts

  • Save $ by participating in wholesale group purchases

  • Opportunities to work for a professional display company

  • Access to the members-only section of the website

  • Plus many more


Membership in Carolina Pyros is $75 per year for individuals and $125 for families, it entitles you to attend all of the Carolina Pyros club events. We have our biggest events in the Spring and Fall shoots.  You can submit dues payments by choosing a pricing plan here Pricing Plans

To become a member of Carolina Pyros, you will need to complete a membership application that includes a liability waiver, and you will need to pay your membership fee. You can either send in your application to the address listed on the form or scan and email the completed application to


The membership application and the liability waiver can be downloaded here or filled online below:




The Registrant, Undersigned and Individuals listed hereby agree to waive any and all liability resulting from any accident, any negligence, any misuse, any type of participation either directly or indirectly with pyrotechnics or pyrotechnic related activities, with respect to the owner of the land on which pyrotechnics are to be used, demonstrated, manufactured, sold, bought, displayed or destroyed, Carolina Pyros, Inc.(“CP”), its members, officers, staff, agents, employees, successors or licensees, any operator, any permit holder, any event vendor, or any instructor(s) of or for pyrotechnics use, public displays, demonstrations, training, manufacturing, competitions, sales or purchases of pyrotechnics or pyrotechnics related materials or any other pyrotechnic related event or activity. This waiver of liability goes to any intentional or negligent act that may be performed by the operator of a public display or a pyrotechnic demonstration, owner of the land in which the pyrotechnics or other pyrotechnic related materials are to be used, demonstrated, manufactured, sold, bought, displayed, or destroyed, CP, its members, officers, staff, agents, employees, guests, successors or licensees, permit holder(s), or instructor(s).

SECTION 3 - Pricing Plans

After you submit an application please click on Pricing Plans.

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